Volvo chooses SIAP as centre of excellence to hold its “Volvo Supplier’s Day”

Volvo, world leader in the earth moving sector and SIAP's second most important customer, chose the company in Maniago, a centre that excels in gear modeling, as location to hold its Suppliers' Day last June 11. This annual meeting involves a highly limited and selected number of suppliers.

This was the first time that Volvo decided to hold the event at a company that is not a part of its Group. The central theme of the meeting was the Volvo Production System, the top management of the Volvo CE Purchasing and SQE teams therefore participated in the meeting too.

The day opened with a speech by Tomaso Carraro, Vice President of the Group, and throughout the day participants shared challenges and methodologies related to the Lean principles applied by the various production entities, following the logic of the Volvo Production System. Afterwards, the participants visited the Maniago plant and witnessed the state of the art improvement processes that were started over the last few years.

The fact that this important meeting was organised at SIAP is really meaningful; a few years ago, the Maniago company set up a revision and reorganisation programme for its production model, following the Lean logic of the Volvo Production System. The programme that was initiated three years ago has involved different work teams (production, quality, engineering) at various levels and in a constant, systematic manner. Over time, this has led to a series of changes, such as a new organisation for the spaces, procedures and instruments, all aimed at reducing waste and encouraging tighter work processes.

SIAP's unfailing commitment to these organisational and structural changes has been rewarded with its selection as the event location, just one more example for the Volvo suppliers of how SIAP was able to apply the production model in the best way possible, bringing benefits and greater productivity.

This is one step forward and a reason to be proud of SIAP, which already stands out as an exceptional centre for the modeling and heat treatment processes of gearing within the Carraro Group that it belongs to.


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