Quality Policy

In a constantly evolving, globalized and extremely selective market, Carraro DriveTech wants to be able to:

  • meet both direct and final customers needs;
  • meet interested parties needs;
  • ensuring economic and financial continuity of the business;
  • promote growth of Carraro Group whose it belongs;
  • guarantee safety of its personnel and respect for environment;
  • manufacture products in accordance with current legislation;
  • promote daily application of Carraro values.

Critical factors for success

To achieve these targets Carraro DriveTech has implemented a Quality Management System focused on the following critical factors:

  • customer satisfaction, through the quality of the products and services provided, innovation, speed, effectiveness and efficiency of new product development;
  • shareholders' satisfaction, through constant growth and profitability increase;
  • development of human resources whose involvement is fundamental for its target achievement, through specialization of technical-professional skills, assignment and communication of responsibilities and authorities at all levels and implementation of training and information related to quality, environment, health and safety;
  • suppliers partnership to reduce supply chain complexity, to share our needs and expectations and those of our customers and to ensure a solid support to improve the performances;
  • compliance with the quality, safety and environmental requirements applicable to the Company and its products through continuous analysis of the risks associated with company activities;
  • protection of workers health and safety by reducing risks associated with work activities, in particular by investing in elimination of danger sources, by reducing of danger exposure and accidents likelihood and by developing of effective responses in case of internal or external emergencies;
  • technological innovation applied to product development, with low environmental impact and which guarantees the achievement of technical, economic and product reliability goals; research of best available and economically feasible technologies to be applied in production processes in order to reduce environmental impact and risks to personnel health and safety and provide the Company with technical advantages that affect product and service quality and economic conditions for customers;
  • standardisation of component characteristics, which reduces complexity and simplifies production processes;
  • principle of continuous improvement, which must permeate our corporate culture and be applied daily at all levels, in order to increase the effectiveness of the quality management system thanks systematic indicators monitoring, target achievement verification and improvement activities implementation, in accordance with the principles of UNI EN ISO 9001 and, for Plants that provide the automotive sector, IATF 16949.
  • internal communication, as understanding of the Company's policy, goals, values and procedures is basic to personnel involvement and awareness promotion of how anyone can contribute to quality management system effectiveness;
  • communication and collaboration with stakeholders outside the company (customers, public administration, communities, etc.) on topics of common interest such as quality, envi-ronment and health protection in workplaces in order to understand their needs and inform them about continuous improvement process and achieved results.

Campodarsego, 12/03/2018.

Quality Policy