Wherever there is a need for integrated transmission systems for off- and on-highway vehicles, Carraro Drive Tech has the solution, with a complete, diversified product range for agriculture, automotive, construction equipment, mining, and material handling.

Carraro drivelines has been optimised for the individual markets of application, to guarantee the very best efficiency and most practical vehicle layout. All this is possible thanks to the wide range of combinations of rigid and steering axles and mechanical, automatic or semi-automatic transmissions.

In-depth know-how in the development of sophisticated components allows Carraro to produce individual details as well as groups and complete assemblies.

This gives rise to sophisticated projects such as cardan systems for motorcycles or dephasers, transmissions for electrical vehicles and power take-offs for four wheel drive racing vehicles.

The Carraro systems have been designed for the optimal integration of mechanics and hydraulics, under the supervision of an advanced electronic control unit. This can best manage the whole driveline while monitoring and diagnosing the vehicle functions.

Carraro Drive Tech is capable of developing solutions tailored to meet the expectations of different vehicle manufacturers, satisfying individual design requirements both in terms of ergonomics and productivity. Carraro Drive Tech transmission systems are created to maximise the efficiency of applications in all operating conditions.